Book Review: The Firm by John Grisham

The FirmThe Firm by John Grisham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Firm is a crime thriller revolving around the life of a new lawyer, who finds out that there is something strange about the firm he has joined after his law degree. Coming from a economically slacking background, he is blinded by the money and the perks offered by the firm and willingly joins it. Later on, the things begin to change as he is contacted by the FBI and he comes to know of the reality of the firm.

This is one of the earliest books of John Grisham and well displays his expertise in devising a story of crime and unlawful practices and of a fraud and its affect on those who are consumed by it.

Positive Points:-

1. It is a page-turner. It gets more enthralling and exciting as the story progresses.

2. The character-sketch is passable. You get to understand the sharp mind of the protagonist and the way he finds a solution to get out of this cobweb, he gets entangled into.

3. The narration is good. It flows smoothly and gets tensed up in the critical situations. The whole setup seems believable.

4. The language is crisp. Even during points of low action, it doesn’t get boring.

Negative points:-

1. There is not much of a suspense here. One can figure out the events of the pages unread.

2. The story gets a little twisted towards the end and there are such occurrences, to which you would shake your head in disapproval. These are the impractical things which are portrayed in this book.

I will recommend this book to those who have already read John Grisham and have liked his writing and to those who are looking for a crime thriller. Because the crime is the core of this novel. This book isn’t for the ones who require a reason for every single situation because this isn’t a question and answer book. There are various things which are left unsaid.

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