Discussing Some Quotes from The Importance of Being Earnest

Here are some dialogues, quoted from The Importance of Being Earnest, written by Oscar Wilde, which I absolutely loved. Some of them are witty, others are hilarious and some of them are thought-provoking.

Algernon:  My dear boy, I love hearing my relations abused.  It is the only thing that makes me put up with them at all.  Relations are simply a tedious pack of people, who haven’t got the remotest knowledge of how to live, nor the smallest instinct about when to die.

First performed in 1895, it tells of the changing mindset in the published works.  This statement of Algernon breaks conventional notions about relations. It could be attributed as just plain mockery though.

Algernon:  All women become like their mothers.  That is their tragedy.  No man does.  That’s his.

Well, it is indeed a humorous take on how women mature. But that additional comment that no man does, is what gives it that tickling feature… making you either nod with approval or laugh.

Algernon:  It is awfully hard work doing nothing.  However, I don’t mind hard work where there is no definite object of any kind.

Three dialogues by Algernon continuously… what does that mean? Oscar Wilde has devised such a witty character who is brilliant in his retorts.

Miss Prism:  Memory, my dear Cecily, is the diary that we all carry about with us.

Cecily:  Yes, but it usually chronicles the things that have never happened, and couldn’t possibly have happened.

Isn’t that true!? We carry our memories everywhere. It is indeed a diary where lies our deepest secrets and our trivial thoughts. But the peril here is that we can’t trust our own memories, because they are distorted in so many ways.

Cecily:  Miss Prism says that all good looks are a snare.

Algernon:  They are a snare that every sensible man would like to be caught in.

As I mentioned earlier, Aragorn is a character full of witty remarks.

Jack:  …. But after all, who has the right to cast a stone against one who has suffered?  Cannot repentance wipe out an act of folly?  Why should there be one law for men, and another for women?

That is a concrete proof that it was a time when the rules of society were changing and women’s movement of equality was gaining momentum. Moreover, this dialogue attributes that it was sincerely considered by the artists as well. Here, Wilde very well captures that change in mentality of the general folk as well.

Well, that is all I have got to share today. Happy Reading!

And if you haven’t read the play, you can download it for free from Goodreads here.


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