The Shining Read-Along

First post of the new blog… It is going to get difficult managing 5 blogs at once. But never mind, this blog is going to be updated rarely. I am here to share my book reading adventures.

The blog came into existence abruptly after when I read about the group reading of The Shining by Stephen King. I have been looking forward to read this book for so long. Now is the right time to start doing so. This group reading is being jointly managed by Cheap Thrills Book Blog and Tif Talks Books.

Firstly, the ladies want the participants to answer these questions:

Will this be a re-read or a first-time read for you?

This is going to be my first time read of The Shining, though I have read other books by Stephen King like Desperation, Salem’s Lot, Rose Madder, Misery, etc.

Have you seen the movie(s)?

No, I haven’t.

What are your thoughts from previous reads/watches?  (Or, if you haven’t read or watched any of the above, what do you anticipate for your first experience with The Shining?)

Because of the reputation of the book and my own experiences with Stephen King, I expect this book to be as creepy as any other book by the author. I want to feel some fear and not get bored, because I have felt some other books by King to be way too long with some content which could have been edited out.

And finally, why are you joining in on the #shinealong?  Is there anything specific you would like to get out of the read-along?

I love to discuss about books. It would be fun to read it along with a group. Moreover, I want to read this book in simple words. That is why I am joining this read-along.


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